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Self-Confidence for a More Satisfying Life

Ellen and Michael Moriarty

20 September 2021

Dear Friend,


To achieve success the best attribute you can have is self confidence. It is what drives you every day to get out of bed and start realizing your goals. It's what gets you to that new job or meeting with the assurance that you can perform. Self-Confidence is integral to every aspect of your life from getting a job, meeting a partner or accomplishing a personal life goal.

If you want to come off powerful and knowledgeable, then you need to boost your Self-Confidence. Don't get confused with arrogance, though. It's good to be confident in yourself but don't get overzealous and come off rude and conceited. This will only drag your success down, not up. Self-Confidence will improve your success and create a satisfying life because it increases your self-esteem. It provides a sense of assurance to yourself and leads you to a more positive future.

Here's what you'll learn from this 6,900 word EBook course:

  • Why Self-Confidence is so Important to your Success

  • Why taking care of your health and appearance improves Self-Confidence

  • Six ways to boost your Self-Confidence

  • Why perfection is a recipe for disaster and how to avoid falling in the trap

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