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About Us

Our Mission

Thank you for visiting our pages. We are two semi-retired Registered Nurses who have always had a business on the side. Our business’ have ranged from Multi-Level Marketing to Coin and Stamp shops. We have had an Art Gallery in both Australia and Prague marketing Australian Aboriginal art. We have also tried eBay and still have a couple of Shopify sites.

Amazon looked good at one time but the only one making any real money was Jeff Bezos. It did not pay us for the investment of time and money and we were not into all the black hat antics.

Our mission is to help you through our experience so that you do not have to waste the time, energy and money we did in finding our way to a successful business.

Ellen and I met in Sydney Australia in 1968 while I was on R and R from the Republic of Viet Nam as a USN Seabee and after 3 dates and on my return to Viet Nam I purchased an engagement ring and posted it to her. On the Twentieth of May 2020 we were married 50 years.

In 1994 myself, my wife and our daughter Andrea all graduated together as Registered Nurses.

We have 3 sons a daughter and eleven grandchildren. We have great pride in our children. Our daughter won the Telstra Commercial Business Women of the Year in 2016 for the Northern Territory. Michael our eldest son won the HIA Medium size Builder of the year for all of Australia in 2017 with his business Killarney Homes. Our second son Damien, with both a Law and IT degree, has formed another building company and real estate business, KALO. Our youngest son Sean is a leading hand in the new under-harbour tunnel construction in Melbourne.

Ellen has worked for many years in Dialysis and as a Remote Area Nurse while raising 4 children of our own and a couple of others as long term visitors. 

I have had a very mixed career in Irrigation, Commerce, Real Estate, and Remote Area Nursing where I have worked in many Northern Territory, Western Australia, and Queensland Aboriginal communities, with the Inuit in Canada and two state prisons in the NT as a relief Registered Nurse. A book that I wrote, “Remote Area Nursing Can Be Quite A Journey” is available on Amazon . I have enjoyed having brick and mortar business’ and have Shopify and Amazon businesses currently which are struggling from unreliable suppliers and delivery. I have purchase orders now 5 months old just delivered from China having pre-payed for 19-day delivery. I can see that this business model is doomed. I have been investigating online marketing off and on for several years.  It now clearly is our best option.

People need income particularly in these trying times and we believe internet marketing of digital products is the opportunity for the times we are in. With any good business decision, we have decided that we needed a couple of mentors to make the success of our new venture and have them in place. We need to make this work not only for us but for YOU and have invested several months to prepare for this launch. It is our desire to offer quality products, opportunities to our customers, and fantastic service to our business clients. At 72 we don’t have a lot of time for mistakes. We can hope that we have you as a customer, friend, and success story.

By working as Nurses for income stability, and experimenting, we were able to look at a lot of horse shoes over the years. Never really finding the million dollar method we learned that it takes time and persistence to make anything worthwhile work. Unless you win the lottery you are not gong to get rich overnight. The only one getting rich is the seller of the get rich now products. Can you make a lot of money with internet marketing? You bet, but it is not going to happen for most people overnight.  Internet Marketing like anything worthwhile takes time and persistence.

We have learned a lot, and figured out a lot of it out.  Over the years we have been able to build some great relationships and a team of people we use for support.

When you are finally tired of looking at horse shoes or shiny objects let us know what you are thinking about and it is likely we can help you find your way. 

Want to learn more?   Our product range and support can assist you to grow your business from inception to corporation. 

Location & Contact

320 Cox Peninsula Rd,  PO Box 14, Berry Springs, NT, Australia 0838

(+61 889889021 or +61434127149 or +61412194909

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